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Prenatal massage

One of the most common questions around the topic of receiving massage therapy while pregnant is whether it is safe. Not only is massage therapy safe during pregnancy, but it also has many benefits.

Benefits of Massage Therapy During Pregnancy

Pain Relief

As the abdomen expands, the posture shifts to align the centre of gravity above the hips. Some people experience pain in the low back, pelvic or neck, shoulder, sciatic nerve, or pelvic muscles from the strain. Massage therapy can be an effective tool in relieving any aches and pains the mother may incur during the pregnancy.

Reduction in swelling

Some swelling during pregnancy is normal. Usually the fluid buildup is more noticeable in the feet, legs, and ankles. Fluid buildup can be reduced by massage.

Relaxation and Stress Reduction

Prenatal massage can also be used to improve overall well-being and mood. Prenatal massages were shown to significantly affect stress hormone levels and improve immune function in pregnant women.

Research also shows that prenatal massage may reduce anxiety and depression. Professional massage therapy and massages by a partner can reduce anxiety, depression, stress, and even preterm birth.

If you decide to get a massage, it is important to tell your massage therapist that you are pregnant and if you have had any complications or are high risk so that your massage therapist can make sure your treatment is safe. You should also let them know right away if anything – including your position – causes discomfort during the massage.

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