Running Gait Analysis

At Leaside Sports Medicine, we’re proud to help our clients improve their running performance and mitigate running-related injuries through gait analysis. Schedule your running assessment with Dr. Roberta Da Re today!

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What Are Running Assessments?

A running assessment thoroughly analyzes an individual’s biomechanics, gait efficiency, and overall running technique. Using video to break down form, a running gait analysis can enhance performance, reduce pain, and help you achieve your running goals.

This analysis provides insight into stride length, foot strike pattern, cadence, and potential asymmetries or imbalances. Based on these findings, our team can offer personalized recommendations to improve running mechanics, suggest running shoes, and minimize the risk of injuries.

How We Can Help

A biomechanical gait analysis can help with the following:

Improved running performance

Overuse injuries

Knee, hip, and lower back pain

Achilles tendonitis

Shin splints

Muscle imbalances

And more

Running analysis at Leaside Sports Medicine

Running Gait Analysis Applications

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Injury Prevention

A gait analysis can uncover biomechanical issues that may lead to common running injuries.

By identifying areas of weakness, imbalance, or improper form, our sports medicine team creates exercises and cues to help you prevent injuries before they occur. 

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Improved Performance

Whether you’re a competitive runner or are looking for the next personal best, a gait analysis can help optimize your running form and technique.

Our team provides personalized recommendations to help you run more efficiently by looking at factors such as stride length, cadence, and ground contact time.

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Reduced Pain

By identifying biomechanical factors contributing to your pain, such as improper foot strike, excessive pronation, or hip misalignment, our experts can develop targeted strategies to help alleviate your symptoms.

This may include modifications to your running form, strength training, or recommendations for running shoes and custom orthotics. 

Our Running Assessment Process

Video Recording

First, we’ll ask you to send us a video of you running from several angles in your natural running environment.

We prefer this method over treadmill running as it captures your natural running gait more accurately.

Biomechanical Analysis

Dr. Roberta Da Re will analyze your running form and technique from your video. We’ll assess factors such as foot strike, stride length, cadence, and body alignment.

Using this data, we identify any biomechanical inefficiencies or areas of concern.

Personalized Recommendations

Based on our analysis, we will provide specific, actionable recommendations to improve your running form and technique.

This may include prescribing strength or conditioning exercises or recommending appropriate footwear or orthotics.

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