Custom Knee Bracing

At Leaside Sports Medicine, our expert team is committed to helping you regain confidence and return to your activity of choice. A custom knee brace can provide support, stability, and comfort during your recovery. It can help you take that next step, ensuring you ease back into the activities you love with the support your joints need.

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What are Custom Made Knee Braces?

Custom braces are individually designed to provide optimal support and stability for unique knee conditions, such as anterior cruciate ligament (ACL), posterior cruciate ligament (PCL), and medial cruciate ligament (MCL) tears.

Whether recovering from an injury, managing a chronic condition, or seeking to prevent further damage, a custom knee brace can be invaluable in your journey toward better knee health.

How We Can Help

We help patients with various conditions and injuries, including:

Knee ligament injuries (ACL, MCL, PCL)


Patella issues or injury

Iliotibial band syndrome

Meniscus tears


And more

Custom Knee Brace Applications

ACL & PCL Custom Knee Brace

ACL & PCL Injuries

ACL and PCL custom knee braces are designed to provide stability to the knee, facilitating a more efficient and effective recovery process.

These braces enable you to return to normal activities and sports more quickly and with greater confidence.

Sports Medicine Knee Joint Consultation

Preventing the Need for Surgery

When facing a knee injury or ligament tear, surgery can be intimidating.

In some cases, a custom knee brace can stabilize your knee and promote recovery, potentially eliminating the need for surgery.

MCL Custom Knee Brace

MCL Injuries & Knee Arthritis

A custom unloader brace reduces pressure where there is a tear or arthritis.

By relieving this pressure, knee pain and strain on the knee joint are alleviated during walking and other activities.

Our Custom Knee Bracing Fitting Process

Initial Assessment

The first step in getting a custom knee brace is to undergo a thorough assessment with our knowledgeable healthcare professionals.

During this evaluation, we will discuss your medical history, current symptoms, and specific needs. We will also perform a physical examination of your knee, assessing factors such as range of motion, stability, and alignment. 

Measurements & Customization

Once we’ve determined that a knee brace is appropriate for your care, we will take precise measurements of your knee and leg.

Your custom knee brace uses high-quality materials designed for durability, comfort, and effectiveness. 

Fitting & Adjustment

When your custom knee brace is ready, you will return to our clinic for a fitting session.

During this appointment, we will ensure that your brace fits properly and provides the expected level of support. We will also make any necessary adjustments to guarantee your comfort and discuss how to wear and care for your brace properly.

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