Injection Therapy

At Leaside Sports Medicine, we proudly offer injection therapy as part of our comprehensive sports medicine treatment plans. Take the first step towards relief and schedule a consultation with our in-clinic Sports Medicine Physician to determine if injections are right for you.

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What is Injection Therapy?

Injection therapy is a targeted treatment option for various joint swelling and inflammatory conditions.

Our in-clinic Sports Medicine Physician can administer an anti-inflammatory, commonly referred to as a cortisone injection, as well as hyaluronic acid to improve the quality of the joint fluid and reduce pain.

How We Can Help

Injection therapy can help treat the following:


Joint swelling


Tendonitis and tendon inflammation

And more

Injection Therapy Applications

Sports Medicine Knee Joint Consultation

Joint Pain

Injection therapy can target specific conditions or areas. For example, cortisone injections help manage inflammation and pain in affected joints.

Injection therapy at Leaside Sports Medicine

Reduce Inflammation

Cortisone injections provide targeted relief for chronic pain and inflammatory conditions, such as joint swelling, bursitis, and more.

Cortisone injections deliver medication directly to the affected area, reducing inflammation, alleviating discomfort, and improving overall quality of life.

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Hyaluronic acid injections act as a fluid thickener to improve joint fluid. By improving the quality of joint fluid, patients can expect to have less pain in their daily lives.

Our Injection Therapy Treatment Process

Initial Assessment

Our Sports Medicine Doctor will assess your condition, discuss your symptoms and goals, and review your medical history.

This in-depth evaluation helps determine if injection therapy is the right approach for your specific needs and goals.

Custom Treatment Plan

Based on your consultation, we will develop a treatment plan to address your needs and goals.

This plan may include specific types of injections. Ultimately, we aim to provide the most effective approach to promote healing and reduce pain.

Ongoing Comprehensive Care

Leaside Sports Medicine offers various services to support your healing journey and overall well-being.

From physiotherapy and massage to chiropractic care and more, we are dedicated to your recovery. Our team works together to ensure you receive the best care possible.

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