Injury Rehabilitation and Exercise Prescription

At Leaside Sports Medicine, our chiropractors, physiotherapists, massage therapists, and sports medicine doctors can help you bounce back after injury fast. Through custom exercise programs and other treatment modalities, we can guide you toward a full recovery after injury or surgery.

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Our Injury Rehabilitation and Exercise Programs

After an injury or surgery, returning to your regular activities can be challenging. With the support of our sports medicine team, you can return to your old self safely and confidently.

How We Can Help

Injury rehabilitation and exercise prescription can help with the following:

Improving strength, biomechanics, and performance

Post-surgery rehabilitation

Sports injuries

Acute and chronic pain

Restoring or improving range of motion

Injury prevention

And more

Physiotherapy exercises

Injury Rehabilitation & Exercise Prescription Applications

Hip mobility

Improve Muscular Imbalances

Our physiotherapists design targeted strength training programs to help you overcome muscular imbalances that result in pain, such as anterior pelvic tilt, poor posture, back pain, and more.

Physiotherapy exercises at Leaside Sports Medicine

Accelerated Healing

A proper injury rehabilitation program helps you to recover faster and more efficiently whether you’ve had surgery or not.

Our team will help you regain strength in weakened joints like elbows and knees, improve mobility in tight muscles and tendon areas like calves and near the achilles, and more.

GAIT and running analysis

Improved Performance

We can help you reach your goals by addressing the specific demands and requirements of your chosen sport or activity.

What Is Included in the Program?

Weight Training

Strength training exercises enhance muscle strength and endurance in the affected area and surrounding muscle groups.

This provides better support for injured joints, improves muscle imbalances, and lowers the risk of future injuries.

Stretching Exercises

Incorporating stretching into your daily routine and exercise program is essential for improving your range of motion, relieving muscle tightness, and reducing general pain.

We’ll assist you in integrating functional dynamic and static stretching.

Ongoing Monitoring

Our Programs of Care are designed to adapt to your needs, ensuring continuous progress.

We regularly monitor your progress and make necessary adjustments to prevent plateaus and keep you moving forward.

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